What’s On Now?

Here’s a list of our own produce, grown by us or our neighbours and currently available in our store:

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, beans, honey, maple syrup, eggs, Empire cheese, potatoes, jam, preserves and bakery goodies from Krumbs.

Current Store Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Link Greenhouses - Bowmanville ON - Market Selection

Our market stand, July 2014


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    • Hi Dar. We do have Roma tomatoes right now and we expect that we’ll have them around for about another month. As of today, they sell for $25/bushel.

    • Hi Pat – thanks for asking, but we do not have either of those items. Depending on your location, I would try a farmer’s market. I know the Oshawa Centre market had plenty of both basil and various hot peppers when I was last there, a week ago. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Sarah – while our operation is not organic in the certified sense, I can tell you the following. Since we grow indoors our need to apply any type of chemicals EVER is minimal. This year is a great example – we have applied NO chemicals to the crops whatsoever. We use an integrated pest control system, meaning basically that we add certain insects to our environment that we know will feed on the undesirable pesty bugs. It has been very effective. So I hope this answers your question: we would not be comfortable saying “organic” because that comes with a lot of certification, but these are the facts about this year’s crop. Thanks for asking!

    • Hi Don, thanks for your note – we are open for the season now. We will be updating the website later today with our store hours.

    • Hi Donna, thanks for asking! We are open for the season now. We will be updating the website later today with our store hours.

  1. I know that the fresher the food the healthier. I was wondering about pesticides. Are they used on your produce?

    • Hi Susan – We use integrated pest management. Think of it as using “good” bugs that control the “bad” bugs. Hope this helps.

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