The Cucumber Experiment.

We get a lot of questions about our use of plastic here at the greenhouse. We think that’s pretty great because it means that our customers care about the environment and about minimizing our collective use of natural resources. If you missed our official response to the question, Let’s Talk About Plastic, you can read it by clicking here.

The conversation continues to evolve, and last month we had someone on our Facebook page ask how long English cucumbers would stay crisp without the tight plastic wrap we put on them at the time of harvest.

We had Jenn from our team take home a wrapped and two unwrapped English cucumber one day and put them in the fridge. One of the unwrapped cucumbers was placed in a plastic container, to see if that would preserve it as well as our wrapping process. Here’s what she learned, in her own words:

“In one day the unwrapped cuke started to soften. After 3 days, half of it is soft to the point of feeling like it’s gone bad. Probably wouldn’t eat it, personally. The one in the container is starting to soften a little now after 3 days, and you can see the moisture it has lost inside the container. Still edible for sure and will keep longer. The one in plastic wrap is still in perfect condition. 👍”

By day four or five, the completely unwrapped cucumber was ready for the compost bin and the Tupperware one was softening. The cello-wrapped cucumber was still in perfect condition.

So there you have it; from our experiment, it looks like plastic continues to be the best way to preserve the freshness and crispness of our cucumbers. Anyone got any better ideas? Let us know! 🥒

Two cucumbers from Link Greenhouse's wrapping experiment