Asparagus Season Is On!

Mother Nature is kicking off our season with one of our favourites:ASPARAGUS! 😍

How much do you know about asparagus?
Here’s a little asparagus 101 for you:

• Available early May to the end of June.
• About 4,500 acres across Canada and 3⁄4 of that is grown right here in Ontario.
• Asparagus can grow up to 10 inches in 24 hours and is harvested every day – and sometimes twice a day in hot weather.
• Taste is closest to green beans and broccoli.
• The bottoms of asparagus should be kept moist, so they can either be stored standing up in a jar with a few inches of water or with the bottoms wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag in the fridge.
• Snap off the dry woody ends, then rinse and dry before cooking.
• The simplest way to prepare: steamed just a few minutes and topped with butter or oil, a squeeze of lemon or a shower of Parmesan

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