Meet Our Friends: The Egg Shack

The Egg Shack is a family, owned and operated farm, which began in 1969. Eggs were sold out of the barn until they opened the Egg Shack May 1, 2000. The eggs are produced in the barn across the driveway where are they are graded and candled. They have a Registered Grading Station License, which means the Egg Shack eggs you purchase from us are Canada Grade A .   The Egg Shack has Farm Fresh Eggs,  Links tomatoes and other produce until their garden produce is ready, along with a variety of meats from Clark Meats, cheese from Empire Cheese, a variety of jams/preserves from Tallboots , honey from Dare2Dream and Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream. 

 The Egg Shack is open year round and their hours of operation are:  Monday to Friday  9-5, Saturday 9-4 and closed on Sunday/Holidays.

Wendy from The Egg Shack is one of the people you can meet at our Open House on Friday, April 19th. We’d love to have you come by, so get crackin’ on grabbing your free tickets right HERE and we’ll see you soon. 🍅🥚