Recipe: Fast, Easy, Delicious Bruschetta

Honestly; thank you to our Facebookers who have been prodding me to put up this recipe…I really want you to be able to enjoy this and enjoy how simple it is.    So…here we go. (HINT: Click on any of the photos to see the full-size version)

Bowl of tomatoes, garlic & basil

I hated to disturb this pretty picture.

What You Need:
A couple pounds of tomatoes
3 Cloves of garlic
Salt & Pepper To Taste
Some good olive oil
Vinegar (I ended up using a bit of balsamic and a bit of rice vinegar, but would have used red wine vinegar if I had it)
A little handful of fresh basil…chopped or minced (whichever you prefer)
A nice loaf of Italian bread or a French stick

1.  Core and seed the tomatoes.   When I am making bruschetta, I chop the tomatoes quite small…almost a dice…makes the finished product a bit more manageable for your eaters.  Put the chopped tomatoes into a large bowl.   Mince 2 cloves of the garlic and add the mince to your tomatoes.   Salt and pepper to taste.

Salt, taste, repeat.

Take your time to make sure you season properly; it makes a huge difference to have enough salt in this.  Put a good glug or two of the olive oil in…maybe 3 tablespoonfuls and a splash of the vinegar.   Taste.   You like?   Adjust until you like.  If you have time, you will benefit from letting this mixture sit a couple hours at room temperature.

2.   Slice your bread up to whatever size you want for serving.   In these photos I had a super fresh ciabatta loaf and sliced it quite thick and I was very pleased with the results.   Cut the last garlic clove in half the long way and rub it on one side of each slice.   Drizzle or spray (if you have a spray bottle) that same side of the bread with some of your olive oil and then grill until you are happy with how your toasts look.   Alternatively, you could toast the bread in your toaster, then rub it with the garlic and oil.   Whichever you prefer.   As you can see here, I grilled and it looked and tasted great.

3.   Stir your fresh basil into the tomato mixture.  Divide your tomato mixture onto the toasts evenly, arrange on a plate and ENJOY!


Got any other suggestions for tomato recipes, especially recipes that include other seasonal vegetables available right now?   I’m sure we’d all apreciate if you left them in the comments section below.